10 reasons to join
Lake Waco Golf Club.

10. Lake Waco Golf Club is one of the few places where having fun is appreciated. Members can expect to enjoy Club facilities without the lack of decorum commonly found in the public sector.

9. Lake Waco Golf Club offers social contacts, a sense of neighborhood and community that affirms your own values.

8. Lake Waco Golf Club is ideal for entertaining.

7. The Club is a place for relaxation, even solitude if you desire. Try your hand at fishing one of the 11 stocked lakes.

6. The Club is an extended family where people bond closely by the same passions.

5. The Club is a good place to strengthen family bonds. Take the family camping at our first class camping facilities right on the shore of Lake Waco.

4. Lake Waco Golf Club is in a convenient location, making it accessible and easy for you to use.

3. The facilities are top notch.

2. Your Staff is friendly and professional.

1. Your Fellow Members!

Lake Waco Golf Club

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Lake Waco Golf Club is a semi-private facility and offers a limited number of non-transferable memberships. Membership packages are available to the public as well as to golf course homeowners and corporations.

Single Memberships

These memberships are offered to any one individual. The one time initiation fee for a single membership is $250.00 and monthly dues for a single membership are $125.00.

Family Memberships

Family Memberships are offered to any family. The one time initiation fee for a family membership is $500.00 and monthly dues for a family membership are $150.00.

Corporate Memberships

Businesses can purchase corporate memberships, which include 3 members. The one time initiation fee for Corporations is $2500.00 and monthly dues are $400.00. Each of the three members may bring up to three guests with them at no charge.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include:

For more information about our Membership packages, please call the golf shop at 254-756-2161.

To become a member of Lake Waco Golf Club please complete a Membership Interest Form